Can anyone identify the two birds in these paintings?

Please help. Can anyone identify the two birds in these paintings?


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8 Responses to Can anyone identify the two birds in these paintings?

  1. amelie says:

    The guy on the left looks like some kind of bird of paradise. Guy on the right maybe blue winged warbler. Will have to search a bit more, sorry.

  2. Mike Banos says:

    Hi Mike! Can help if we know what particular area this painting was done at, thanks…

    • mikeshanahan says:

      Hi Mike – I don’t know who did the painting, or where they did it. All I know is that someone bought the painting in a market in Berlin a couple of years ago.

  3. jyyh says:

    the right one is one of the Golden Orioles (I’d guess indian or eurasian one), but the left one… really artistically painted Phoenicurus-species (f.e. Black/Daurian/Hodgson’s Redstart?)?? ( too long and curved bill, too long tail with only thin stripe of black , colors are on the other hand quite ok..). There maybe some tropical species that fit the bill better ;-). no help from the Typha-plant as they’re found everywhere.

  4. The one on the right seems like a golden oreole; but i am not sure it has blue on its wings..but, could that be the painter’s brush with imagination?

    • mikeshanahan says:

      It could be… but it also looks a bit like the blue-winged warbler (though with an oriole’s tail)

  5. swetha says:

    a friend K says “i would think the left is a rendering of a leaf bird or chloropsis with a fancy tail added, and the one on the right is an oriole with a fancy wing added !!”

    another friend N says “its the blue naped scimitar babbler and the blue winged green tail (possibly from the oriole family). dont bother checking salim ali this species was recently discovered in the imagination of this artist !”

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